Monday, January 20, 2014

Varangians and upcoming plans

The Byzantine army continues to grow.  My work this week was a pack of Crusader Miniatures Varangians, a command pack and several plastic conversions.

Turned with the shields shown.  I generally prefer handpainted shields to transfers, even if the are a kittke too clean. A personal painting goal for this year is to work on weathering and damage.  However, it is a little hard psychologically to do a nice job on a shield, and then paint over it and intentionally ruin your work.  

Harold Hardrada, center, with his command retinue.  I do not know why it wasn't obvious to me before, but Harold probably shouldn't be given the appellation Hardrada ("Hard Ruler") during his Byzantine service, because he had yet to rule.  Furthermore, according to most sources, that name does not appear in written records until well after his death at the Battle of Stamford Bridge. 

Several conversions are pictured above.  On the left is a Byzantine artisan or merchant, flanked by two Varangian in their more formal tunics.  The civilian is a Wargames Factory Numidian puttied up and painted according to this reference.  The Varangians are Conquest Games Normans with Gripping Beast Dark Age heads. The bases are from Happy Seppuku stamps.    

I plan a few more civilian conversions for some skirmishes using Byzantines in the recently released Song of Shadows and Dust.  It is a SBH variant for urban combat in the ancient world.  Most of the buildings and streets will be papercraft, which I enjoy using (see the pic above). Maybe next month...after some more 1066 stuff...

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