Sunday, May 31, 2015

Nashcon 2015

I am a little late getting my pictures up from Nashcon on May 22nd.  I drove up early Saturday morning - it was only about a 2 1/2 hour drive.

The SAGA tournament was fun, but a little sparse in turnout.

My first match was Normans against Vikings.

Here my eight Sergeants crash into a unit of six Viking hearthguard...

And only one survivor per side...

The Normans took out the Viking warlord, buy my win was by just a few Victory points. My next match was against the Irish: 

It was a real education in how to use a battleboard.  MY opponent concentrated on making a single attack and stacking every possible effect into that attack. A single move wiped out entire units. 

These last few shots are of my warlord and his four remaining sergeants on a glory bound suicide attack. The game had went on too long, with a battle of attrition going against me.  Time to go out bold, I thought. 

And then the Irish warlord moves in, and of course through some strange mojo he places eight hits on me, or something like that... 

The real highlight of the day was an afternoon match in Alamo game run by Doc McBride of Splintered Light miniatures from his own rule set, Bloody Dawn. The rule set was  I played the Texans with two partners (pardners?).  It was funny being told before we began that we would lose and be killed to a man.  However, if we could take 600 Mexicans with us, that would satisfy the win conditions. 

After a short learning session, we took assigned roles.  I commanded the units at the main gate. Though in our game, most of the action took place at the North Wall.  

The Mexican team thinks arranging the dice pool into a flag will help their luck. 

Mexican forces take the wall, but are quickly routed with some timely hits on "6" and the special damages that occur. 

In the end, our Texans killed well over 600 before the enemy occupied the main plaza.  "Remember the Alamo!" 

This game was a first for me. Until now, I have never gamed anything in the 19th century, nor have I ever used 15mm.  It is definitely something I might be more interested in doing - however the experience of playing with the rules author on a massive custom table would be hard to match on my own. Maybe that's what cons are for. 

Bloody Dawn rules at Wargames Vault.