The following is a single list of all the documents I have previously shared.  Most are in a pdf format.

Byzantine Battleboard - most recent revision for my custom Byzantine battleboard

Byzantine Dice Symbols - printable artwork for custom Byzantine dice

Byzantine Faction Information and Heroes - description of Byzantine units and abilities for faction heroes.

Byzantine Faction Information and Heroes 2.0 - Revised and edited.  Updated to include expanded information on khataphracts and an additional Byzantine hero.

European Faction List - a description of major European factions from 950-1100, along with suggestions for which already published official battleboard is best adapted to each. Mostly outdated with recent official additions of Franks and Rus among others.

SAGA Homebrew Heroes -Character cards for historical heroes that I have turned into unofficial heroes.  Click on the name below to open a PDF file
      Alfonso VI - King of Spain
      Edward the Confessor - King of England (Anglo-Dane)
      El Cid - Hero of Spain
      George Maniakes - Byzantine General
      Gruffud ap Cynan - Welsh King
      Odo of Bayeux - Norman Bishop, half brother of William the Conqueror

SAGA Unit Reference Sheet - a printable chart to fill out before a match as a quick reference for each unit's movement, armor, attack and shooting abilities

Notes on European Factions - brief history, explanation of faction unit names, outdated with recent faction additions

Woodland Indian Dice Symbols 

Woodland Indian (Skraeling) Dice Symbols in jpeg form

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