Monday, November 23, 2015

Frostgrave Pics and More

This week's painting work was mostly Frostgrave, but a slight conversion bears its posting here. First, two more sprues of Frostgrave plastics painted. These are some really nice plastics, great for hirelings in your RPG game or as "rabble" in your late twelfth/thirteenth century wargame. Of course, some weapons will need to be toned down a bit - that two handed sword is a little over the top.

The Frostgrave soldier's come with loads of extra bits. Work well with Gripping Beast's plastics, especially these Arab figures. If you need an eastern themed Frostgrave army, or just want to spruce up your moors with axes and crossbows, the Frostgrave kit is not a bad place to pull from.

Dark Ages Media Recommendations 

Toil and Trouble 

I am always on the lookout for historical/historical fantasy comics set in the Viking Age, and this is an excellent find. Toil and Trouble retells the MacBeth story with a greater focus on the witches, specifically one of the three here named Smertae. The writer, Mairgrhead Scott, tells a familiar story with some key differences between this and other versions. Instead of observers of fate, the witches are active shepherds of fate, choosing who lives and dies by their power. Book one ends where Shakespeare begins, with the battle against the Viking invaders. The real joy is this book is the art. Kelly and Nichole Matthews handle both expressive faces and epic landscapes with equal skill. Their style is built on clean lines and bright colors, and contains influences of Disney's Sleeping Beauty. Three issues are already out, buy them or wait for the collection.

The Last Kingdom 

After the first two episodes, my tv viewing time became very limited, and this show dropped off my agenda. Thankfully, I was able to binge watch more of the episodes through my cable provider on-demand service. Though I am two shows away from the end,  I am quite impressed. While I still think the producers should have given us an entire episode with Uhtred as a boy before advancing to his early manhood, the rest of the series is very well done, much better than History's The Vikings, which it begs comparison to. 


  1. Nice figs! And I've just ordered the first three issues of Toil & Trouble!

  2. Haha.. yeah that sword ay, its like he picked it up off a giants grave. Nice work Alan :)