Tuesday, February 10, 2015

February Painting Update - Finns, Irish and Scots

No historical content this week, but a few pictures of my painting efforts these past couple of weeks.

More Dark Age Finns, this time some Black Tree Design unarmored Bondi:

Also from Black Tree, some skirmishers with Javelin.  I kept them nondescript enough to use anywhere from the Byzantines to Ireland.  

Four Irish mounted fianna from Gripping Beast: 

Finally, mounted Scot warriors from Crusader Miniatures:  

Surprisingly, these were my only disappointment.  Usually, Crusader is my favorite manufacturer, but these were a bit of a let down.  Part of is my fault for mistakenly ordering the wrong pack (I wanted the Thegns with chain mail) but I was also a bit disappointed in the casting quality.  The horses were fine, but the men had excessive flash, and the faces are "muddied." 


  1. Nice variety of great looking Dark Age warriors. Love the mix of makers.

  2. Nicely done. I like the generic application for the Javelins, I hadn't considered that. The Finns are a nice change of pace for the time period.

  3. Really like those winter bases for the unarmored bondi from Black Tree, and the nice design you did on the blue pants. Really catches the eye.


  4. I just love you Finns, its not a force often seen.
    And the white tunics really fits the image.

    Keep up the good work.
    Cheers/ Jonas

  5. Excellent work, I particularly like the mounted Irish. The Finns are such a distinctive looking force too, very nice.

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