Saturday, September 27, 2014


The Gripping Beast plastics are a fantastic product, and I have purchased at least one box of all of their releases.  However, the Saxons were one that never caught on for me.  Originally purchased for some Viking and Saxon matchups inspired by Bernard Cornwell's Uhtred series, I assembled the Saxon Thegns, but never got around to painting them.  Other new shiny things caught my eye and a couple of years passed by.

As a firm believer in delayed gratification, I thought I would attack the Lead and Plastic mountain from the direction of items that had been in it the longest, rather than recent or more desirable projects.  So pulled them out last week and got to work.

After painting up a unit of 10 (SAGA's magic number for Saxons), I based them on 25mm round bases from Proxie Models.  Then I hot glued the figure, and filled the lipped base with some PVA glue:

I then added some bits of rock leftover from a Woodland Scenic kit:

After drying, I add bits of moss (green foam) and grass clumps.  

Now only 30 more to go...

I have no real plans to ever play the Anglo-Saxon board in SAGA nor do I have the time or money to build a Hail Caesar size army so maybe they will end up for sale.  I might interested in seeing what is the going rate for some painted minis on eBay or TMP. 


  1. I find the poses in the Gripping Beast plastic sets to be limited and stiff for poses. But that could be because I am spoiled by Victrix and Perry plastic sets. I only own GB's Viking set though, is there much difference in the Saxon set compared to the Viking set (pose feeling wise)?

    Nicely done on your painting by the way. I always look forward to what you will put up next.


    1. The poses are stiff, and not as natural as the Viking set. I think they work better, asTWD points out, for multibasing. Their half-hunched pose makes them fit together in a shield wall formation.

  2. Lovely work, beautiful colors and nice bases...

  3. You could pop them on sabot bases and give Dux Bellorum a try. Eight or ten on a base and around six bases for an army.
    Good compromise between a SAGA warband and HC or WAB size force.
    And the rules are cheap.

    1. Thanks, Dux Bellorum has been on my radar for a while. Worth a look,