Saturday, May 31, 2014

A Scottish Interlude

With a couple of SAGA games planned for this week, I needed to finish out my four points of Scots into a proper six point warband. All that was necessary was a warlord and a unit of Mounted Thanes that had been in my unpainted box for far too long. And after finishing about 20 plastic Arabs, I needed a little something different to paint.

Below, a Warlord stand and Standard Bearer.  Minis from Crusader, banner from Little Big Man.

My only complaint about Crusader Miniatures is that their cavalry is sold in threes, making a blister pack one short for a SAGA unit.  I'll probably throw in a Strathclyde Welsh to fill the unit out.  Below, the finished warband - three points of Thanes (one mounted), two Soer-chele and one Doer-chele.

Finally, if anyone is also interested in fantasy miniatures, I will be posting pictures of my efforts in that genre on a new blog Fantastically Small.  My two oldest children (ages five and nine) enjoy pushing fantasy figures around a table to the Song of Blades and Heroes rules, and I have enjoyed putting together and painting random figures that strike our interest. Thanks!