Wednesday, March 5, 2014

News from Gripping Beast

Today's Gripping Beast newsletter contained loads of good news for fans of SAGA, some expected and some unexpected.

First, the supplement for SAGA The Crescent and Cross is in the final editing stage and the "hopefully available at Salute."  They promise "loads" of new factions covering the early Crusade in the east and the conflict with the Moors in Spain.  Previous word was six factions will be included.  My prediction for the six factions are:

1) Christian Spaniards
2) Andalusian Caliphate/Taifa Kingdoms
3) Almoravids
4) Early Crusaders
5) Seljuk Turks
6) Fatimid Egyptians

Besides historical reasoning, I am also basing my prediction on Gripping Beast's current line of Crusade era miniatures, which seems to support multiple Arab armies of Turkish, African and Spanish composition.  Another possibility is releasing two Crusader factions, the Franks (those led by Robert of Toulouse, Baldwin and Robert of Normandy) and the Italian Normans (led by Bohemond and Tancred).  I'll further predict that Bohemond, El Cid and Yusuf ibn Tashfin (Ben Yussuf) will be Hero characters.

While the Crescent and Cross has been talked about and promised for over a year now, this other bit of info in the newsletter was a certainly a surprise. Plastic Saracens!  Also slated for a Salute release, this box of 40 plastic warriors can fill out your ranks with archers (16), javilines (16) or spearmen (up to 32).  Excellent, no more of conversions of Conquest Normans.

News and photos from Gripping Beast 

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