Wednesday, August 7, 2013

New App Recommendation & Other Updates

While there has not been a great deal of posting lately here at Sea Kings and Horse Warriors, I promise I have been busy.  In late July, my armies of El Cid era Spain added 10 Andalusian cavalry, 25 Sudanese spearmen, a dozen slingers and some various Christian knights.

On the terrain front, I have built a stone Norman tower and most of a large Spanish church, both from Hirst Art blocks.  A lot of plaster has been poured in my garage recently.  Other terrain projects that have been completed are two farm houses, 4 lengths of wattle fencing and a small vegetable field. I will post some photos, but the Dullcote is drying slow in the rainy and humid South.

I have never reviewed or recommended a phone/tablet app, but this particular app seemed interesting.  I have never been a user of digital dice apps, preferring the primitive satisfaction of tossing the magical plastic onto a wood table, but at 50% off, Prime Dice D & D pro was in the impulse buy price range.  Of course, it has all of the D & D multisided dice, which can be rolled in various quantities and combinations.  Tapping on a single die rerolls that dice only.  It also supports multiple tables, so two players can roll their dice quickly by swiping horizontally from one background to the other.  There are some good stock backgrounds (pictured) but custom or personal backgrounds can also be loaded.  Even better, the dice themselves can be customized.  I immediately thought of the possibilities of story dice for my kids - loading images of dragons, castles, spaceships or dinosaurs. My first experiment was to create some virtual SAGA dice:

While not very practical (how can I put them on a battleboard?), I can see using the custom dice features in SAGA and other mini games for things such as random weather effects, civilian or livestock actions and other scenario specific situations.  

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