Friday, July 5, 2013

Mixing Plastic Gripping Beast Parts

This is for Nico, who was wondering if the heads on the unarmored Gripping Beast Warriors were oversized.  If so, would a bare GB head look out of place on an armored body from the older sets?

I do not have a spare armored body to test this with, but it did happen that I am in the process of placing a spare head with a helm upon an unarmored body. I am also giving him a short fur cloak from a small piece of green stuff putty.

The head looks pretty good on the unarmored body and it is appropriate.  If a less elite warrior could only afford a single piece of armor, it is a good bet the helmet have been his first choice.

Here is a comparison shot below:

Comparison of Gripping Beasts' plastic heads
From left, two Vikings, two Dark Age warriors, and two Anglo-Saxons

The bald head is large, almost as large as the Viking helmets itself.  However, the Saxon helmets show that a head with a realistically encompassing helmet can look too big.  

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  1. Hey! Thank you very much for this post. I couldn't imagine such a detailed answer to my question. This head swap looks just perfect on this warrior. The attempt shows that those kits, when nicely combined, could also be of use for the late roman period or the Arthurian period. Very informative as always.

    Thanks again.