Sunday, June 2, 2013

Gripping Beast Dark Age Warriors, Painted and Based

I've finished what turned out to be a good week for painting and terrain, and should have several posts in the next few days to show for it.  First up is a Jomsviking Warlord by Gripping Beast.  Fun to paint, and I am finally starting to feel that my basing is acceptable.  The raised base is a plaster casting, with some sand and PVA glue added on.  Then I dry brushed it and added some Army Painter grass clumps.

 Here are some shots of the first eight of Gripping Beast's Dark Age plastic warriors completed.  I mostly wanted to get the variety of the box with these first figures.  So I went with a few spearmen, some slingers and a musician.  These are some of the best plastics to paint, and the detail on the faces really pops out when adding a light wash.

For the rest of the box, I plan to focus on getting some discrete units.  Twelve slingers are a must for a SAGA levy unit, and some of the axemen will be painted in a Hiberno-Norse style.  

As enthusiastic as I was in my original review, the only further critique I can add is that at least one of the heads needed a phrygian cap.  It was standard period headware from Anglo-Saxon England to the Byzantine Empire, and it is pictured on the box art multiple times.   


  1. You can feel happy with your bases, they're nice, the chief's base is very good, with the rock.

  2. Nice work - I do like the GB Jomsvikings. Best, Dean