Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Best Wishes in 2013

I hope everyone has had a great run of holidays in the past few weeks, and I hope 2013 brings all of you success and blessings.

Christmas was wonderful here and brought me a slew of wargaming gifts:

My wife gave me three packs of Welsh and the banner, and my parents gave me the Jomsvikings and fencing.  Thanks to Architects of War for having one of the easiest wishlist systems for historical games in the States.  

Now on to 2013 and my hobby and blog goals:

1) Reduce the Mountain of Lead (and plastic) - With the advent of the internet and frictionless purchasing, we tend to acquire more than we have the time to realistically finish.  This is true for almost any hobby I have seen - video games, crafts and scrapbooking, even fitness.

2) Clash of Empires - I bought the main rule book a couple of months ago, and I liked it enough that I ebayed by Field of Glory books.  A friend and I have built El Cid era Spanish and Moorish armies for a large scale battle system.

3) New SAGA Factions - I had a great deal of fun putting the Byzantine battle board together, and would like to do at least one new one mod in the coming year.  I am leaning towards Song China, but Medieval Africa (Kingdom of Ghana, Songhai) is also a historical favorite of mine.

4) Figures from Historical Fiction - I have been working on converting a few figures into characters from my favorite late antiquity/Dark Age historical fiction.  With a small reserve built up, I will post one a month with a book review and comments on using the character in a skirmish game.

I really appreciate all those who visited and left comments on my site in 2012.  The online wargaming community is one of the friendliest and most supportive hobby cultures I have encountered.

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