Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Byzantines are coming!

My immediate miniature and wargaming projects are to finish some Viking warlord stands this weekend.  After that, I plan to transition from a few units of Varangians into a small Byzantine army and a scratch built fortress.  Fielding strong cavalry and missile troops, the Byzantines fought Viking raiders from the Black Sea, and more significantly, Normans in Italy and Greece.  They should eventually become an official SAGA faction, but until that happens, I will work on one of my own.

Most of the abilities are adapted from other units, where I saw some sort of historical or functional analogue.  I am not sure about balancing, and will try to play test it in a few days.  The main concept I tried to convey was of a better trained warband capable of hitting hard and fast early in a match, but more challenged in a sustained fight against a very determined or lucky foe.

Legendary warlords will probably be Basil II and Alexios Komnenos and the Varangians would be an obvious special unit.

Suggestions for revisions are welcome.  I will put a revised version up in May after some testing.

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